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Our history

Déjà 2024 !

The story of Hipanema begins in Rio de Janeiro in 2011. Delphine and Jenny, two young Parisian women, met on the legendary Ipanema beach. United by the same passions and values, they wanted to revolutionize the world of costume jewelry with an innovative concept and colorful ideas.

Hipanema was born in 2012 with an exclusive collection of 8 bracelets in acidic colors reminiscent of vacations and Brazilian escapism. The famous Bahia ribbons sign off this first collection, bringing luck and happiness to all fashion fans in search of something new.

From 2012 to 2016, Hipanema has made this famous bracelet a real hit on the market. In fact, consumers themselves have written it into the dictionary, referring to the product as "Hipanema" rather than just a cuff. Delphine and Jenny didn't just launch a brand in 2012, they launched a concept.

rio de janeiro




The story

  • Delphine and Jenny meet on Ipanema beach at a pivotal moment in their lives. Their destiny was immediately written in four hands, and woven together by Brazilian bracelets. Those irresistible little colored links that adorn golden wrists. Bahia's famous lucky bracelets, the "Senhor do bonfim", knotted like protective talismans. An idea like a golden ticket for the two designers, who embarked on the project a little by chance, a lot by desire, encouraged by the immediate success they found with their girlfriends on their return to France.

    You've all had it on your wrist, you've longed for it, hoped for it, offered it as the ultimate gift of a friendship to be celebrated, as the talisman jewel of a love to be sealed. For anniversaries, the ones that count, the ones where we laugh while we cry. This precious jewel is our colorful cuff. Our flagship product that has sold millions of units. Born on a beach in Brazil, validated on the hippest wrists in the capital, before touring the world. Love has come full circle. A real hit in the world of costume jewelry, its story is a success story. 

"Jenny and I have always worked on instinct," says Delphine. We always ask ourselves if the stars are aligned before taking the plunge."

Les collaborations

A decade of projects and collaborations. Since 2012, Hipanema has been in constant demand from brands. From Veuve Clicquot and Ba&sh to Renault, the biggest names want a taste of the sun-drenched aura of the now cult label. When the Renault project manager called me, I was stunned," recalls Delphine. When I arrived at the meeting, I was greeted by all the women in the company - around thirty of them. During the round-table discussion, I noticed that they were all wearing Hipanema cuffs. Being part of the gang is what the designers have succeeded in creating: a federated community of creative, free-spirited, uninhibited women. A lifestyle that has seduced even the Place Vendôme: "Poiray contacted us to rethink its historic interchangeable watch bracelet, and wanted to put it in the Hipanema colors," says Jenny. It was such a hit that we did it again two years running!

Millions of cuffs sold in over forty countries, the little label improvised on a beach in Brazil, born of the talent and gentle visionary madness of two passionate thirty-somethings, has met with worldwide success. Queues of people lined up in front of the boutiques to buy the precious jewels, a craze unheard of in the world of costume jewelry. It's hard to imagine that it all began in a Rio favela...

La collection 10 ans

For summer 2022, Hipanema is offering a special 10-year anniversary collection. A condensed version of the brand's DNA, a return to our roots and our friendships bracelets, an invitation to travel. Because Hipanema is all about joy, fantasy and accumulation.

For this capsule, we've imagined some fifty products: cuffs, earrings, necklaces, Japanese glass beads, semi-precious stones, Peace and Love symbols. A tribute to our flagship products. "There will be cuffs inspired by our beginnings, rainbow colors and lucky charms, because that's what we do best," enthuses Delphine. Nostalgic fans will be delighted to rediscover the 10 emblematic colors of our swimwear, adopted by our fans back in 2013.

And since Hipanema is also a bit Wild, we've come up with an embroidered RIO TE AMO t-shirt, with the Corcovado, protective angel, deployed on your shoulders. "A made-in-Brazil capsule with traveller's hippie mantras," concludes Jenny.

What next?

From the outset, the founders have been keenly aware of the working conditions of their employees, favoring long-term partnerships and teams they know and support, and trying to integrate them into the various creative processes. After spending four months sleeping in a factory in China, enduring the shock of freezing temperatures in winter and scorching heat in summer, I immediately said that as soon as we had the chance, we'd install heating and air conditioning," confides Delphine. And we did. Taking care of others, making time for each other: these are the two creators' priorities. And what do they wish for the next ten years? "The same happiness," they reply in unison.

Given Hipanema's love of symbols, the numerologist in us all knows that 2024 can only be a good vintage. All these "twos", it's a bit like you plus me plus us what we're celebrating this year.

Our decade of joy at your side. So a big thank you for your loyalty, and a toast to the next ten years.