Gift card

Treat the person of your choice to a gift card of either 50 €, 70 €, 90 €, 100 €, 150 € ou 200 €.

You can either:

  • Send the gift card by email to a person of your choice
  • Schedule  for the card to be sent later on
  • Print the card at home  to give whenever you wish

The amount offered is then available as a gift certificate on

If the total amount of the gift card is not used, a new purchase order is generated.


Personalise your gift card


(200 caractères restants)

Sending options

Conditions of use

The gift card can only be used on the and website.

The gift card is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

It can be used one or multiple times with a unique code given.

Once the recipient has carried out his/her purchases, he/she will have to enter this code before paying in the tab dedicated to promo codes.

This card is not exchangeable, nor refundable even partially, and cannot be credited to a card or a bank account,
or be subject to a discount and it cannot give rise to any change given.

It cannot be replaced, nor refunded in case of loss or after its validity.

Payment of a gift card cannot be done through another gift card.